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*    The Merry Widow Country Retreat     *     29 Kerk Street     *     HOPEFIELD     *       West Coast      *      South Africa      *   


Welcome to old world charm and simple living


Our community market is small and intimate, and provide local Hopefielders with an affordable, ethical and friendly way of doing business -  both buying and selling -  within a unique setting.  

Our market sells locally harvested, seasonal produce,  free range chickens along with artisan sour dough breads and made-with-love pastries.


It is a place to touch ground, slow down,  breathe deeply and belly laugh!

We open our doors EVERY Saturday of the year from 10:00 - 14:00.


We believe in...






Expect to meet our market community -  this is where we go to catch up with friends - new and old

Freshly ground coffee

Our market has become well known for it's freshly ground Deluxe Coffee worx coffee and all day breakfasts in our food garden.

Artisan Breads


We are proudly associated with Hopefield's own artisan bakery:  Once Upon a Bread

Freshly picked, seasonal produce

Our gardeners and small farmers continue to deliver only the freshest seasonal produce to our market

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