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How to become a trader at our community market:



Thank you for your interest in becoming a trader at the Hopefield community market!

Our community market is dedicated to keeping it local - we only source the finest  products, and as far as possible,  all within a radius of 80 km from Hopefield!

Products are considered and evaluated on basis of quality, availability, uniqueness and demand.  




Information for traders:


Do you live locally and are interested in joining our market community?  


   Here are our our requirements and guidelines:


  1. Our market is run as a pop-up market shop inside the OLD MILL building next to the Merry Widow Country Retreat. Traders have to deliver their products to our door no later than 9h15 on Saturday mornings.  (No seperate or individual tables will be allowed without prior arrangement.)

  2. No deliveries will be accepted after 9h15 on Saturday mornings

  3. Product layouts are done by market management only and may change at their discretion

  4. Market management accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to trader's goods

  5. Traders are encouraged to do their own packaging ,  please adhere as far as possible, to our responsible options/suggestions (such as selling loose vegetables in a baskets, rather than plastic packaging).

  6. Trader's commisions will be payable on all sales exceding R100.00 - so please consider this when costing your own products.

  7. All products will be quality tested by market management. Our promise to our patrons is  freshness and a high standard of produce at all times.

  8. Traders are to collect takings and unsold products at close of business.   Cash-outs ONLY until 15h30.      

  9. PLEASE NOTE:  Market premises are locked during the week and traders are not able to pick up their goods outside allocated times.

  10. Our market community encourages consistency  to fulfill our obligation to our patrons and traders.

  11.  Traders absent without prior arrangement for 2 consecutive Saturdays, will not be considered for further trading and have to reapply.


     Why are markets such a  great consideration for young entrepreneurs, small farmers / gardeners or start up businesses?


  • Markets are a different source of revenue, often difficult in a small community such as Hopefield

  • Markets give farmers and traders greater control over their economic lives and income

  • All revenue are directly for your own pocket.  

  • Prices are kept low,  as the middle man is cut out

  • Markets help to create a local economy where money is spent in our own town and it circulates in the community for longer

  • There is a smaller impact on the environment, due to a reduced carbon footprint

  • There is  knock-on spending in other businesses on market days as there are more visitors to our town

  • Markets strengthen the community - a key factor in creating a better quality of life

  • Markets provide affordable produce in areas with limited options

  • Traders gain  learning opportunities and create networks with other traders

  • Markets are a fun family to join!






For more information, or to apply as a trader, please send us an email below with your contact details & pictures of your products, and we will get right back to you!







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