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About Us

We are a community market:




In Hopefield, we like to think outside the box!


Traditional markets often require from their traders to be present - usually at their own table - to showcase their products. 

At The Mill Country fair market, our community comes together to create a truely unique farmfresh pop-up-shop experience for locals and visitors,

EVERY SATURDAY between 10 - 2pm.


This is a special kind of market -  a gathering place for a special kind of family - created purposefully to facilitate a communal space/shop where local producers can sell their goods at a price of their choosing and benefit directly from it. 

All proceeds go directly back to the individual trader,  with a small

trade-commision payable only on sales of over R100.00.


Like so many passionate people in Hopefield, we believe in creating a local economy, opportunities and in supporting sustainable life style choices.  

We choose to do so through embracing local talent and having fun!


  We  embrace the economic advantages of local food production for our own community, and the environmental benefits of maintaining and protecting the biodiversity of our local farmland.

Our 45 local traders include: primary school entrepreneurs, start up businesses, small farmers & keen gardeners, as well as local crafters and artists. 

Goods are all freshly delivered on a Saturday mornings,  in time for our 10'clock opening.   

Some traders even volunteer to assist regularly at the market by helping in the kitchen, behind the coffee counter or with customer service. 


While we aim to consistently offer our visitors the basic products such as bread, butter, farm eggs, free range chicken etc, we also encourage our traders to remain seasonal and spontaneous!


So, eventhough our weekly market selection will never be quite the same,  we can always guarantee absolute freshness and made-with-love products! 


Leave your watch at home, join us, slow down and b-r-e-a-t-h-e, you are in good hands!


We believe in......

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